Matilda Bookshop Book Club


Hello book lovers! Welcome to your local Book Club. We meet on a Monday or Tuesday evening each month in the Stirling Hotel Library Room from 7pm to chat books.


The sessions are always lively, and thought-provoking, and while we have a loyal following of book-clubbers, newcomers are very welcome. The cost of the evening is $5.


For information about Book Club, including online booking details, select the Book Club News button below to join our Book Club mailing list.



Bookings are made on a month-by-month basis, so the level of commitment is entirely up to you.


All book clubbers receive a 20% discount on the book of the month.


The sessions are convened by Molly (who also works in the bookshop), and who has experience teaching literature and creative writing at a tertiary level. But the evenings are informal and cater for a diversity of tastes and backgrounds. Most importantly, the evenings are a lot of fun!


 Hope to see you soon at the the Matilda Bookshop Book Club.