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 Alice Nelson

Alice Nelson: December 5th  |  BOOK NOW at TRY BOOKING




Jess Townsend: November 1st

Anne Summers: October 26th

Clementine Ford: September 26th

Liane Moriarty: September 23rd

Trent Dalton: August 1st

Kon Karapanagiotidis: July 29th

Bri Lee: May 29th

Hugh Mackay: May 22nd

Tim Winton: March 26th

Sophie Thomson: March 19th


Matt Preston: November 23rd

Matt Moran November 14th

Alex Miller: November 6th

Richard Fidler & Karí Gíslason: October 25th

Graeme Simsion & Anne Buist : October 9th

Jane Harper: October 2nd

Gina Inverarity & Greg Holfeld: May 7th

Robert Wainwright: April 26th

Janelle McCulloch: April 7th

Rebekah Clarkson: February 5th


Hannah Kent: October 12th

David Hunt: November 21st

Richard Fidler: August 11

Elisa Black: June 1

Hugh Mackay: May 6

Liz Harfull: April 6

Jinny & Cooper book launch: February 21

Bear Make Den book launch: February 14



Annabel Crabb: November 14

Matthew Evans: November 12

Trevor Nottle: November 5

Kerry O'Brien: October 29

Magda Szubanski: October 22

Charlotte Wood: September 24

George Megalogenis: September 20

Tim Flannery: September 2

Simon Bryant: August 6

Robert Wainwright: June 11

Kate Grenville: April 22

Eric Bogle: March 11



Shaun Micallef: December 4

Dee Nolan: November 13

Steve Kilbey: November 6

Graeme Simsion: October 23

Favel Parrett: September 23

Rick Stein: August 27

Bob Brown: August 11

Poh Ling Yeow: May 15

Liz Harfull: March 30



Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki: November 9

Luke Nguyen: October 10

Hannah Kent: May 20



Luke Nguyen: November 19

Lily Brett: October 17

Tessa Kiros: October 11

Simon Bryant: August 1

Maggie Beer: March 1

Lolo Houbein: March 14

Liz Harfull: March 29



Peter Fitzsimmons: December 7

Kaz Cooke: November 30

Tim Marshall: November 20

Alex Miller: November 17

George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan: November 10

Luke Nguyen and Adrian Zumbo: November 2

Kate Grenville: September 30

Jane Paech: May 5

Holly Kerr Forsyth: April 16

Trevor Nottle: March 31

Skye Krichauff: March 10



Poh Ling Yeow: November 4

Bill Granger: October 8

Andy Griffiths: 20 September

Andrew Govanstone: 8 July

A.J.Mackinnon: June 30

Milton Moon: 1 April

Sophie Thomson: 11 March



Malalai Joya: 7 July

Bookey Peek: 26th May

Ursula Dubosarsky/ Andrew Joyner: 18th May